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We also apply our Success Assurance methodology and philosophy to inform our approach to conduct risk/assurance assignments on non-business as usual activities such as major change initiatives and large capital projects. 

For larger projects we provide targeted interventions at key stages in the project or change lifecycle:


  • Feasability
  • Design
  • Mobilisation & Execution
  • Post Contract Review.


Providing Assurance Throughout the Lifecycle of a Project

The greatest value is achieved by facilitating a series of risk assessments at project feasibility and design through to the post contract review stage. As a rule,  we prefer to work with all key project team players including external specialist consultants and preferably representatives from key stakeholder groups. 


Cost Risk Assessments using Monte Carlo Simulation

One of the most critical challenges in project risk management is to manage cost. We facilitate cost risk assessments to capture best estimates of the lowest, most likely and maximum costs for each risk. We use Monte Carlo simulation using Trigen distributions to provide a range of cost probabilities that can be used to inform and challenge cost and risk contingencies. We are also working with clients to identify when key risks should peak or disappear in the project life cycle and use this to develop a more agile approach to project risk management.


Capturing Organisational Memory

Our approach captures and codifies risk intelligence from all of the key project team players and ensures this knowledge is used to ensure the project meets its key objectives. Our methodology also dovetails into the tender documentation stage to ensure key areas of risk and associated mitigations are dealt with as a matter of contract.


Adopting a Zero Tolerance Risk Appetite

For critical infrastructure projects we employ a zero tolerance risk appetite using the Bow Tie Method to assist in developing risk management and business recovery processes. We have extensive experience in completing risk management assignments for projects ranging from hundreds of thousands of pounds through to several billion pounds.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help you please call John Moody on +3531 2018953.