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IT governance professionals agree that 90% of all Cyber Attacks are preventable


Does your company do enough to minimise this risk?


If not, we can help you in a number of ways.



Basic Steps to minimise cyber threats include:
  • Use complex or multiple passwords which are frequently changed 
  • Download and install all patches and fixes for your operating system
  • Limit or prevent the use of USBs
  • Use one of the leading internet security malware and anti virus software prevention tools
  • Only download files when you are expecting them - even if you know the sender
  • Back up all of your most valuable data
  • Test back up arrangements from time to time
  • Turn off your computer when it is not in use and use a screen saver password to unlock screen
  • Develop a cyber security policy and actively promote cyber security awareness.

GDPR and Cyber Security
From 25th May 2018 all business throughout the EU are required to comply with GDPR.  Failure to comply could result in major fines of up to €20 Million or 4% of global turnover (whichever is the higher).
Developing effective Cyber Secutity resiliance and capabilities is critical to achieving long term GDPR compliance.
We are helping a number of international clients and Governments to develop their Cyber and IT security processes and skillsets and our offerings include:
  • Business to Business supply chain mapping and risk and control assessments
  • Mobile Computing Device Management risk assessments
  • Social engineering awareness training
  • GDPR Gap analysis assessments
  • GDPR staff awareness and IT security training
  • Business continuity and recovery self-assessments. 

Please contact John if you would like to explore how we could help you.

In most cases it takes 200 days for firms to realise their systems have been compromised by a cyber attack!