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Success Assurance

Governance fails when it is not fully understood or valued. Reasons for this include:


  • Poor and inconsistent leadership, which sets a negative the tone at the top 
  • A pervasive "blame" culture
  • Corporate arrogance
  • The risk management process not being integrated into corporate decision making
  • Lack of infrastructure to promote a consistent and thorough risk management process
  • A lack of understanding of what a control or mitigation is
  • A lack of ownership for the control environment
  • Ineffective risk reporting processes.


Over the course of 30 years we have developed a highly customised approach to address these weaknesses and develop what we call Success Assurance.

There are a number of underlying themes which guide our approach.  These include:


  • Developing a corporate policy and underpinning processes which are championed by the CEO and the Executive Team
  • Setting measurable risk appetites and tolerences which aid decision making
  • Challenging behaviors
  • Developing and delivering bespoke training programmes to as many employees as possible to increase the organisations risk management capability
  • Facilitating operational, tactical and strategic risk assessments to identify key risks, common threats and to develop robust mitigations to comply with the organisations risk appetite
  • Integrating the risk management and assurance processes into business planning and performance management processes
  • Re-engineering systems and processes as required to minimise redundancy and maximise synergy
  • Working with Internal Audit and other assurance providers to deliver positive assurance through the development of risk metrics and dash board reporting.


Our preferred methodology is to provide leadership and methodology to an in house team in order to transfer as much knowledge and know how as possible. This builds our clients risk management capability and ensures governance processes can continue to evolve once our initial engagement ends. Each of our subsequent interventions is geared to embed risk management further.

We apply our Success Assurance methodology on all assignments with the scope varying, depending on the level of the organisations risk management capability. We have successfully applied this approach to organisations as diverse as Governments through to utilities and multi billion euro private businesses.  

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help you please call John Moody on +353 1 2018953.