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A little bit about us

We set up our firm to act as a conduit for like minded, passionate, and highly experienced governance professionals to work together to provide innovative services to our clients.  We handpick sectoral and knowledge experts from our extensive network to deliver highly customised services which add value from day one of any engagement.  


We are celebrating 19 years of designing customised GRC solutions for our clients. More importantly, we are celebrating the fact that ALL our major clients continue to be strong, sustainable and leaders in their respective sectors.   We have assisted some of Europe's leading organisations across most industry sectors to develop their risk management and governance capabilities. Our clients range from Governments through to multi-billion euro privately owned businesses.


Success Assurance

Managing everything that could go wrong and ensuring your performance is optimised guarantees the success  of your business. For this reason we call our approach to helping businesses Success Assurance. This is all we do. We have been successfully delivering customised Governance solutions to a diverse range of clients in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. Key sectors include:

  • Energy Sector
  • Public Sector
  • Housing Sector
  • Financial Services
  • Food Industry
  • Higher Education Sector
  • NGOs and Charity Sector.

While the main focus of our work is on an entity level, we also provide more focused assurance services for major change and capital programmes. Recent assignments include:

  • Critical infrastructure projects (Airports and Harbour)
  • Smart Metering for a major UK Utility company
  • Cyber Security risk assessment for a major UK utility company
  • Housing Projects (new build and refurbishments)
  • Fraud risk management workshops and awareness training.


We measure our success in terms of the development of long term relationships with our clients. Our aim is to become trusted advisors in the areas of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

We are always interested in helping new clients and if you would like to discuss your needs and how we could help you please call John Moody on +3531 2018953.